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On behalf of our CEO -Chief Executive Officer- General Mohamed Habib, we would like to introduce our Travel Agency in Egypt. Official Company name (Champion Tours) is registered with the Ministry of Tourism with license number 1049. We are well known as a highly respectable Agent within the "Egyptian Association for Travel Agents".

                                                                         We are IATA registered:  90-2131 52.


It is our  hope to build a long term partnership between your company and ours - We cover all parts of this great land of the Pharaohs and we are sure you will be satisfied with our services, flexibilities and adaptation to your requirements. This includes planning FIT & group tour packages, Desert safaris, Red Sea scuba diving & Snorkeling excursions, Transports with experienced drivers (from luxurious limousines to modern coaches), Special foods as the guest desires,  Domestic flights bookings, Holiday villas, Hotels bookings and different standards of Nile cruises (according to every budget). In addition we provide our highly qualified Egyptologists and guides.


You can trust us entirely - 100%! We in Champion Tours, are very confident that we can deliver the very best in terms of client satisfaction and mutual benefits for both of our companies.

Let us present our services as follows:

1. Package Guided Tours

-  Package guided tours, the least expensive, may cover a wide range of sites, or be very limited. Nile cruise can be a part of your package tour or another option is Lake Nasser cruise. Special requests, or extensions can be accommodated.

Packaged tours usually include a well trained guide, hotels and usually include some meals. They may or may not include airfare. Usually not included are purchases of a personal nature, including alcoholic drinks and tips. These items vary considerably between tours.


    - Types of tours include:

Classical Tours Usually a week to two weeks trip to popular antiquity and other sites, including shopping excursions. Even the shorter tours generally visit most of Egypt's well known sites, such as the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, Luxor and other areas.

Religious Tours Several types of religious tours are available, with themes such as "the route of the holy family" and Exodus tours. Typically, most of these tours visit a variety of destinations.

Desert Treks Various desert treks can usually be arranged as either independent tours, or extensions to other tours. Desert tours usually visit one or more of the Western Oasis. Usually, religious tours visit the Eastern desert.

Sinai Treks May take several forms. Many Sinai treks visit religious sites and monasteries, but there are also various nature treks including bird watching.


- Many types of tour extensions and non-tour holidays can be added to many packaged tours. For example, popular extensions might include tours outside of Egypt to sites such as Petra in Jordan, as well as many others. Also some tours can be added to other tours. For example, a short Sinai Trek is often added on to a standard classical tour. It is also common to add, for example, a beach or scuba diving holiday on the Red Sea or a fishing expedition to Lake Nasser to a classical tour.


There are also specialized classical tours. For example, there are tours with golf intermixed with sightseeing, special tours for families, families with children and women tours and others.


2. Private Guided Tours

   - Private Guided tours cover the same types of tours as packaged tours, though the itineraries may be customized with greater flexibility. Private guided tours are more personal, flexible, and generally more expensive.

3. Day Tours

   - Day Tours are generally added on to longer tours as extensions. For example, an extension to Abu Simbel would be a common addition. However, sometimes day tours are taken as part of a non-tour holiday (for example a beach holiday), when visiting Egypt for other reasons such as business or seeing relatives or friends. Also, they are often taken by people on ocean cruises who make port stops in Egypt.

   - Even very brief tours can be referred to as a day tour, and sometimes you can actually take more then one "day tour" in a day. These may, for example, be a half day at the Pyramids, followed by another day tour to Old Cairo. There is basically an endless variety of day tours that can be taken to almost every site in Egypt. 

   - Day tours typically include transportation and a well trained guide. Some may also include a meal. They do not typically include airfare, other then within Egypt.

4. Beach Holidays

   - Red Sea holidays may either be on mainland Egypt's east coast at locations such as upscale El Gouna, Hurghada and other smaller resorts such as Safaga or in Sinai at popular locations such as Sham el-Sheikh, or smaller & more relaxed communities such as Nuweiba, Dahab, and Taba. It is also possible to have a beach holiday on the Mediterranean, though not as popular as Egypt’s southern east coast and southern Sinai.

   - Beach vacations usually evolve around a single hotel, though of course multiple locations can be chosen. They may also be added to tours or other holidays. 

   - For many, the Red Sea offers a less expensive beach vacation then elsewhere. Activities may include sun bathing, sail boarding, parasailing, snorkeling, jet skies, and many others. Some beach holidays may even include additional activities provided by the Travel Company or hotels.

   - Hotels are usually three to five stars. They may, or may not be inclusive. Beach holidays may, or may not include air, but it is typical for them to include air as part of a package deal. Some packages may include some or all meals.

5. Scuba Diving Excursions

   - Scuba diving is usually done in the Red Sea, though there are companies that will take you out on Scuba diving "tours" in Alexandria these days. Scuba diving holidays may be based on land, or on a live aboard. In land based scuba diving, day boats are used to carry divers to various dive sites.

   - If land based, these scuba diving holidays may have many elements of the beach vacations explained above. For example, some members of the family may prefer to sun bath, while others scuba dive.

   - Live aboard scuba diving boats are also available. These are usually taken by serious scuba divers who are not all together interested in a beach holiday, though of course a beach holiday and live aboard scuba diving adventure could be combined. It is also very common to combine a scuba diving excursion with a guided tour, or other types of tours such as Sinai Treks.

6. Fishing Excursions

   - Fishing excursions are generally based either on the Red Sea, or Lake Nasser. Obviously, Red Sea fishing involves deep water ocean fishing, while Lake Nasser involves fresh water fishing as it is more popular.


   - Fishing expeditions are very typically dedicated tours made by enthusiasts who are not interested in tours and other holidays. However, that need not be the case. A tour could easily be combined with a fishing holiday, and of course a beach holiday could also be combined with the Red Sea fishing excursions.

   - Lake Nasser fishing expeditions are very often camp based, and very often include meals and other amenities. They may be packaged with, or without air.

7. Other Holidays

   - People often request other types of holidays, generally based in one or more of a number of cities. They do not usually include any tours, though day tours could be arranged to some locations. It is very popular, for example, some may request a holiday in Luxor, Alexandria, Cairo, or even Aswan. Typically these are simply restful retreats, involving not much travel. Others wish to explore a certain antiquities area on their own & may also request a simple holiday. These holidays may be packages with various options including accommodations, air, or at times, even inclusive of meals, airport pickup, etc.

   - Again, it is not uncommon to add such a vacation on to tours, or other holidays, and may be based in multiple locations.

8. Hotel Reservations

   - For hotel reservations only, provide us the location(s) you wish to your stay & the number of people in your party.  The expected arrival and departure date and the level of accommodations you wish. You may also request a specific hotel.

9. Airfare

   - You pay request either international or domestic flights. If you do not state a specific class, tourist class will be assumed. Please be sure to provide the origin, destination, dates required and number of passengers.

10. Trains, Busses and Private Cars

   - Other forms of travel may also be requested including train, bus or private car.

11. Conventions, Meetings and Incentive Travel

   - Egypt has, and continues to be a popular destination for convention, meeting and incentive travel. There are many facilities capable of very large organizations, particularly in Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh, but also in many other areas. When requesting information on this type of travel, be sure to include details such as the area or city you wish to be based in, the number of people, meeting room and equipment requirements, transportation requirements, level of accommodations, the length of the travel arrangements, the level of inclusiveness, and whether short, or longer tours should also be provided.

12. Travel Agency or Travel Company Requests

   - Travel agencies various inquiries are most welcome, including groups, FIT & Convention package deals. Hotel bookings, guide services and transportations with experienced drivers (from luxurious limousines to modern big coaches).  Also, special food arrangements can also be catered for. All requests are welcome.

How can you reach the Champions?


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