Armonia - Sail the Nile river in harmony

Armonia Dahabeya Luxury Nile Cruise was founded in 2010


"Armonia - Sail the Nile river in harmony".... As the name suggests our aim is to offer a harmonious and unforgettable Nile Cruise experience for our travelers. Armonia Luxury Nile Cruise is designed to offer a peaceful personalized and private Nile cruise trip on the Nile river. Our "no engine" policy is in keeping with the history of these magnificent vessels and the calm with which they sail


Armonia is the most luxurious Cruise in the Nile offers the Nile River sailors to explore the majestic Nile River in the royal way of kings and queens. In a private space with about 12 passengers will enjoy the sunrise of the Upper Egypt with the relaxed surrounding natural landscapes onboard the Dahabeya. You just enjoy.


Our magnificent Armonia leaving nothing to be desired and aiming to bring new dimension a comfort cruise, we are looking forward to having mutual cooperation with your esteemed and honored company, as a valuable business partner.


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