Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Egyptian Museum In Cairo

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is commonly known as Egyptian Museum. It is situated in Tahrir square in the heart of Cairo, which witnessed one of the most greatest Egyptian people’s revolution against oppression and autocracy of the past regime to start a new era of freedom and development in Egypt.


The museum is one of the greatest museums in the world, housing the richest amazing collection of ancient Egyptian art. If you are in Cairo, never miss to visit the museum. It offers you a special wonderful experience, whether or not you are fascinated about ancient Egypt.

Its outer building is neo-classic French style to prepare its guests for the wonders and treasures of Pharaoh’s world hidden behind beautiful arched windows that makes the museum unmatchable.

The museum contains a huge number of rare artifacts from the Pharaonic period’s old kingdom, middle kingdom, and new kingdom. It displays a numerous masterpieces collection of 5000 years of art that considers the largest most precious collection of Egyptian historic art in the world.

Over 250,000 overwhelming artifacts are presented. The most amazing attraction is Tutankhamoun hall where charming treasures from the tomb of the boy king are exhibited, including the famous gold mask “weighs in at 11 kg (24.5 pounds) of solid gold”, and is believed to represent what the king’s face really looked like.

Many features of the mask: the eyes, nose, lips, and chain; are all-represented very well. Also, you’ll see the fabulous jewelry which was enclosed in his tomb for over 3500 years before it was discovered in 1920s when his tomb was excavated.

Another absolute fascinatism you’ll experience in the Royal Mummies Room which contains 27 mummies of most popular famous powerful Pharaohs in Egypt dating back to the period from the 18th to the 20th dynasties.

Through the halls of the museum you’ll feel as if you are waving through the different eras of old Egypt’s civilizations.

Place History:
The Egyptian museum was first built in 1835 near Ezbekeyah Garden, then move from place to place until it finally in 2008 moved to its current new location.

There are two main floors of the museum. In the ground floor you’ll see extensive collection of papyrus and coins used in the ancient world.
Here you’ll feel like going back thousands of years in the past in a time machine. Time you’ll see the fascinating royal jewelry pieces you’ll be astonished from the great craftsmanship and professionalism of local ancient Egyptians.
The most valuable artifacts you’ll find upstairs like artifacts of the tomb of kings and royal families especially Tutankhamun. Also the Royal Mummy Room. The galleries there will take you on a journey in time, as each room displays the splendor of a great kingdom.


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