Baharyia Oasis

Baharia- Oasis - Egypt

El-Wahat el baharyia or El-Baharyia meaning “the northern oases” is one of marvelous depression in Egypt. It is opportunity 360 km away from Cairo. It is located in sixth of October Governorate.


The richness and beauty of Baharyia’s landscape is endless. At least when you’ll decide to visit it, you’ll feel that amazing silent beauty. Although it is the nearest oasis to Cairo; it is considered the least touched by the modern world and till today it makes live on palm and hot springs.

Baharyia hugs the ruins of  Alexander the Great. Its people descend to the ancient Bedouin tribes from Libya and the North coast.

Traditional music plays important role in the life of its people. They use charming flutes and drums at their parties and social gatherings, particularly at weddings.

Beside its unique natural beauty, Baharyia has many marvelous historic sites that deserve to be visited; such as El-Hayz, El-Qasr, Qasr El-Migysbah that includes ruins of the only known temple in the whole of the Western desert built in the name of Alexander ”the Great”. Also there is Bawiti, and Qasr Muharib, plus the astonishing valley of the Golden Mummies.

For that, Baharyia presents a perfect place if you look for tranquility and peace of mind, flying within world of imagination and dreams by sleeping under roof of sparkling stars.


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