The Most amazing lost city

Memphis is one of those endless magical historical landmark of our beautiful Egypt. It was the powerful capital of the ancient kingdom of Pharaonic Egypt.



It was founded by the Pharaoh Menes around 3000 BC. Nowadays, Memphis today regarded as the mystical lost city with marvelous collection of precious Pharaonic ruins and surrounded with green tranquil fields that stands as if it speaks about era of powerful civilization.

It was once the largest city in the land, acting as effective political and commercial core of Egypt’s old kingdom. When you come, you’ll be astonished by the managing between natural elements and the Pharaonic mysteriousness remained in the remains of a temple dedicated to God Ptah, not far-away you’ll see magnificent solid alabaster statue of Ramessess II. Another huge statue “32 feet” to the same Pharaoh is placed in Memphis open-air museum. This one is really a miracle that will stir your imagination. It is an evidence of its magnificent past.

Memphis has been preserved, along with the pyramid complex at Giza, as a world Heritage Site since 1979. 

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