Old Cairo

old cairo

Old Cairo is the charming spiritual part of Cairo, Egypt. It is a place that blends charm of the Islamic glamorous era with the old Coptic civilization.


 Cairo, “the city of thousand spires”, has numerous monuments, mosques, tombs, churches, forts, and palaces dates back to over fifty centuries of civilization. It’s a melting point of ages and time where antiquities of Christian and Islamic landmarks co-exists. It contains the remnants of those ages which were capitals before Cairo, such as Fustat, as well as some other elements from the city’s varied history.

For example, it encompasses Coptic Cairo with its majestic past reflected in old churches, and ruins of Roman fortifications. Modern tourists visit locations such as the Coptic Museum, the Babylon Fortress, the Hanging Church and other Coptic churches, the Ben Ezra Synagogues and the Mosque of Amr Ibn-Al ‘as. Fort Babylon is a Roman Fortress around which many of the Egyptian Christians’ oldest churches were built. 

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