Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo, one of UNESCO’s WORLD HERITAGE sites; is the hert of great Cairo. It is called Islamic Cairo throughout the Islamic Renaissance that ruled Egypt.


Most travelers to Egypt are astonished when they see the Islamic magnificent art and architectural heritage that has lasted more than thirteen hundred years, beginning with the building of Amr Ibn El-A’s Mosque in the seventh century. Cairo is full of medieval masterpieces that reflect. The greatness of Egypt is honorable as the main center of several impressive Islamic empires. Cairo is full of it, such as the Mosque of Ibn Tulun “the oldest and largest in Cairo”, Al-Azhar University “the oldest Islamic International university in the world”, the Al-Hakim mosque, and many other famous mosques and buildings. Also one of the most amazing Islamic masterpiece landscape is Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque. It is located on a high hill overlooking Cairo. Within the walls of the citadel, you’ll see the greatness of Islamic Era in every stone and monuments in Mohamed Ali mosque. Your visit to the citadel will include the opportunity to go inside Mohamed Ali Alabaster mosque, and therefore it is important that you dress appropriately.

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